The 5 Biggest Mistakes Online Marketers Make On A Daily Basis

In the vast and endless market that is the internet it can be pretty easy to get lead astray and end up places you don’t want to be and sadly that’s how a lot of the online marketers end up. The big challenge for so many of them is that, regardless of the cause, they want their messages to be heard and to impact people but don’t want to do the hard, committed work of effectively engaging others online.

So that being the case, they seek mentorship. Seeking mentorship would seem like a good idea in most cases except that it often leads them to the doorstep of a marketing guru. These gurus insist that they have solved the puzzle to unlimited riches by copy/pasting their blueprint. Just to be very clear, that DOESN’T work. This has unfortunately taught way too many well-intentioned marketers a valuable but expensive lesson. So i’m going to go over more blunders marketers make every day and hopefully this can help some of you save time and money in the short term and in the long run.

1. Ignoring Offline Personal Development

This is one of the biggest of the blunders that many marketers make that often leads to them stopping short of success. That’s because there is the common belief that all you need is your intellect and a computer and you’re all set, all’s easy sailing from then on right? Wrong. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it as they say.

Anyone can get a computer and share their ideas. However it takes a rare soul to be able to do it and stand steadfast against the waves of haters and trolls, to have unwavering solid conviction. It is a REQUIREMENT that you be strong willed to see success in online leadership. You must be mentally tough, have radical self belief and unwavering self love. So start there.

2. Money Being Spent On The Wrong Things

The online world is vast and confusing, especially for someone new trying to start out online. There are scams at every turn, you don’t have a map or a set route to take. You’re unsure and put off but so many people online insist that they’re stinking rich and you can be too for the right price. So first thing that comes to mind is “Well you have to spend money in order to get money right?” Well in some cases yes but you absolutely DO NOT need to break the bank in order to do so.

Now lets get real. You don’t need to invest into $2000 cameras and production studios, those online gurus didn’t start out with all that and you don’t need all that to start up either. start small and work your way up and toss out that guru KoolAid that they insist you need.

3. Improper Sequencing

There’s a common issue among a lot of new marketers, “I’m going to wait until my product is all done and perfected and then i’ll spread the word and get it out there.” Please do yourself a favor and quit thinking like that. Don’t get too caught up with perfectionist bug, because there will always be something to “improve.”

Focus on building your audience early on, don’t wait for everything to be done first because that will only set you back and you could miss out on potential audience that you would have otherwise gotten. Also don’t forget, you can always come back to a piece of work later if you need to tweek it.

4. Being too Vague or Confusing with Your Brands

Another all to common mistake and belief is that all you have to do in order to be successful is to say your system really works and it generates results. Yeah that’s nice and all but what kind of results? If you bite a chip it you get a nice crunch. In fact every product you find gives you some kind of result.

My advice here is don’t blindly sell a product. That won’t help people you’re selling to and sure as heck won’t be helping you in the long run. As soon as someone leaves you a message or comment asking how it works and digs deeper you’re screwed. So gain a knowledge of what you’re doing and believe in what you’re saying.

5. Infrequent Publishing

Last but definitely not least is infrequent publishing. Getting content on the web for people to see is is the #1 most important thing to do in order to have a successful business. Posting on a regular basis builds audience trust, gets you place higher on google so you’re visited by more people, and you get people to keep coming back to your site.

It’s best if you schedule a day or two in the week that you can devote to always putting out a piece of content. That will keep you ranking with google and your audience will be coming back to see what great new content you have to share with them. All and all it’s not really a hard issue to fix, but it will take take vigilant work and being able to stay on top of things.

-Reasons Why These Mistakes are so Common

1. Drinking The Guru KoolAid

Way too many people have to learn things the hard way, especially with gurus. Gurus make themselves out to be the all knowing force on the internet, the one stop solution to all financial problems. Well they do know a lot, especially when it comes to taking peoples money and lining their own pockets, you can bet that they have no more financial problems.

2. No Business Sense

So many people fall for some pretty obvious ripoffs. Don’t just run headlong into something you don’t know about, especially if they’re trying to pressure you into it. So many of us think money made online is quick and easy. If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Just use your head and look before you jump into something.

-How to Avoid These Pitfalls

1. Be Ready to Put The Work In

First things first, if you want to avoid all those major issues and be successful you have to first realize and accept that you are going to have to work hard to succeed online just like you would have to work hard to succeed offline. Ignore the urge to try and “get rich quick.” Trust that your hard work will pay off, you’ll save a lot of time and money in the long run.

2. Be comfortable with good enough

Make sure that you just get it out of the way and squash that perfectionist bug. Making your post perfect is far less important and helpful as just getting your message out the right away. Your audience will build faster and you will be much more productive if you can keep your ideas going and get your posts out there. So don’t seat it and waste too much time on being perfect, you can always come back to it if you want to edit something.

-2 Qualities That Will Help You Go The Distance

1. Put Service First and Want to Help People

The most successful people in this area are the ones that always puts service first. They go above and beyond the others and help their audience anyway they can and connect with people directly.

2. Hard Work

The other key quality is to have hustle. In order to succeed you are going to have to work. You don’t have to go into it expecting hard work but you should be willing to work hard.


Id love to hear what think the biggest mistakes you can make starting off online. And I hope this helps some of this helps you guys save time and money by avoiding these mistakes. Let me know if this has helped you or if you just want to talk more on the topic I discussed on this page please feel free to leave a comment down below and i’ll get right back to you soon. 🙂

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