Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review – The Ultimate Keyword Tool

Website: www.Jaaxy.com

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100

Price: starter membership: $0 (Get a free account)

I love Keyword research. It’s really exciting and it gives you the power to look into the online world at all the massive potential and dive right into very successful keywords and niches.

Keyword research can mean the difference between getting tons of traffic, success raining down on you and barely any visitors at all. It is absolutely on of the most important parts of ranking in the search engines (SEO). So to make this happen you have 2 choices: spend hours looking online and taking notes, or get a research tool, BUT BEWARE most keyword tools are USELESS so you have to be careful on which tool you use.

This is where Jaaxy comes in and the tool many people consider a must have. Feel free to give it a try now!

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that takes all of the work out of the research process. It simplifies Google’s keyword data into easy to read lists. Jaaxy is especially helpful because it strips out all the useless data into a simple platform that anyone can understand. Jaaxy is widely considered the #1 keyword research tool in the market.

One thing I would also like to point out and as you know I consider a big deal is that it’s FREE to use.

The Problem With Most Keyword Tools

The main issue with most keyword research tools might be surprising to you if you haven’t had much experience with them, the problem is they produce WAY too much data, metrics and numbers that you have to work with and make sense of all of it. Worst yet is that most of the metrics and numbers have no value to you at all. So in other words they drown you in completely useless data and line their pockets.

Here a few things to watch out for and to stay away from when choosing a research tool:

If the keyword tool you are interested in requires or is associated with any of these I suggest you back away and never look back!

  1. If it requires you to install anything or to have it downloaded first, DO NOT do it.
  2. IF it provides PPC guesstimates, DO NOT do it.
  3. If it uses “Alexa” to determine competition, DO NOT do it.
  4. If it requires you to search several times to do a single task then well that’s first off a big waste of time and it’s another example of a keyword research tool to NOT try.
  5. Tools that don’t give you results for all search engines are not helping you a whole lot, DO NOT do it.

The “Meat” of Keyword Research

So when you are researching keywords for a site or a blog there are only 2-3 things you should care about and that really matter:

  1. Competition – This is the FIRST thing I look at when I go searching for new keywords. Really this could be more or less important to you depending on what you do but remember that the less competition you have the better chance you have of ranking well in the Search engines. I recommend to go at least 300 or less competing pages.
  2. Monthly Searches – This is what I look at second and I recommend that your keyword have at least 50 searches a month. I know that might sound really low but if it has a low competition you can still find plenty of traffic using it.
  3. Does The Keyword Make Sense? – There are a lot of high traffic keywords with low competition out there but make sure that it makes sense. It can be very tempting to use a keyword that doesn’t make much sense but it will make your page look bad plus you don’t need it, there are plenty of other keywords that both make sense and are fruitful.



  • Jaaxy has a free membership! This membership gives you access to everything and 30 free searches a month.
  • Tons of features available beyond just looking up keywords
  • Data is very accurate
  • Up to 5 searches at one time is possible
  • No downloads or installation


  • This only happened to me once but I searched for a keyword and got a QSR of 0 for it and then further down the list the keyword was listed again for 147 QSR so be sure to check for a duplicate in the listing to be sure.

The Price

Jaaxy has 3 memberships to choose from:

Jaaxy FREE – As it says, this membership is absolutely free to join and doesn’t require card info which follows the “try before you buy” idea so there is no risk. This membership gives you access to everything on the site to get a taste of what it has to offer and 30 free keyword searches a month. (You can try it out right here!)

Jaaxy Pro – This membership is $19 per month or $199 per year. This takings the chains off and lets you have UNLIMITED keyword searches and on top of that it’s 2x faster than the free version. (You can join here)

Jaaxy Enterprise – The membership is $49 per month or $499 per year. Jaaxy Enterprise is the Ultimate in keyword research! You get all the perks of the other 2 memberships plus instant competition ratings, instant domain availability and to top it off, it is 10x faster speed than the free membership. (You can join here)

Final Opinion/Verdict

Jaaxy, in my opinion, really is the best choice in a keyword research tool. This is especially the case after the 2.0 update which opens up even more.

Jaaxy is very easy to pick up and use and even the “newbies” of keyword research can easily take advantage of what it has to offer and if you really need it Jaaxy even has training and tutorials to help you out as well.



If you have any questions at all or want to share your own experiences and opinions on Jaaxy please do leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂



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