How To Create Free Websites

It wasnt long ago that having your own website was actually a luxery. It took at least one of 2 things. Either you were very knowledgeable with computers and coding your own websites or you paid a LOT of money to have someone else do it for you. Luckily those days are long past.

Nowadays anyone, regardless of skill level can create their very own websites in less than a minute! I know, Sounds insane right? It’s really not, it’s very easy and I’ll take you step by step through the process and have you’re website up in no time!

The 3 Steps to Website Creation

STEP 1: Choose a Website Building Platform

First things first, you’re going to need to choose which website platform to base your website. I suggest you use WordPress, it’s very user/beginner friendly. Also more than 50% of all the websites on the internet are WordPress!

What is a Website Platform?

When I say “platform” I’m referring to a CMS or content management system which is what simplifies website creation so that everyone can easily do it. It takes or all of the leg work.

Back in the day (which really want all that long ago) website development required coding and you had to be very tech savvy in order to do it. It was very difficult and time consuming to learn and tricky to master.

That’s why it’s widely believed by people that you have to be tech savvy with coding and design skills in order to create websites… however that’s not the case anymore!

Now in 2016 CMS has made it possible for anyone who wants a website to easily and quickly make one of their own.

STEP 2: Choose a Domain Name & Get a Web Host for your website

Your domain name is going to be the web address for your website, for example, I usually make my domain name the name of my website as well but it can be anything you want really as long as it’s similar to the theme you’re wanting to do.

Next is to choose a website host to get your website on to the internet. You have a few options on who to be your web host. I suggest you try

I personally use to host all of my websites. Siterubix allows you to create free websites in seconds and lets you host 3 websites for free. All you need is a Wealthy Affiliate starter membership (which is also free and no card info needed and you can join here).

STEP 3: Creating Your WordPress Website

Now that you have both your domain name bought and ready to go and you have your web hosting set up you are well on your way!

Now it’s time to get your website up and running. Your next step is to install WordPress to your domain.

Now for most web host this is a very easy one-click step and will just take a second and you’re up and running. If you’re using it’s even easier. Siterubix takes your domain name and automatically creates your website onto WordPress and on you’re on the internet immediately.

You can create one right here and now, it only takes 30 seconds.

I hope by the time you read the end of this post or at least shortly after you will have your website up and ready to rock & roll! If you have any problems making your website, have any questions, or just want to leave feedback please feel free to leave a comment below, I would love to talk and help out any way I can. 🙂



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