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Looking for a fast, free way to get quality Keywords? There are many free keyword tools out there to choose from but only a very few useful one. The best I have come across is Jaaxy. You can start searching for keywords right now! Just click below to start!

To help Find Quality keywords,

Here are some of the most important keyword metrics to keep in mind:

1. QSR (Quoted Search Results) – This is what I think the most important metric and is the first thing I look at when trying to find a good keyword. This tells you exactly the number of pages there are in an EXACT term. The goal here is to be under 400. (ideally it would be under 300) If you aim for under 400 there is a good chance for you to get ranked in the search engines. There are millions of keywords out there to use and the less competition the better.

2. Monthly Searches – This shows you just how many people are searching for an exact term each month. You should try to shoot for at least 50 visits a month for your keywords. It can be very tempted to use very high traffic keywords but always check the compittion for it. It can have a million views a month but 600 competing pages and will be very unlikely you will get any of those visits. You will naturally build traffic with time. ANY traffic is good traffic.

3. KQI (Keyword Quality Index) – This is a way to determine the quality of a keyword for any marketing campaign. (SEO, PPC, etc.)

4. SEO Power – This determines if a keyword is a good choice for getting SEO rankings. To put it simply ranking = money. How you make money online is going to be largely based on your traffic, competition, the keyword quality, and the nature of the keyword.

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