Avoiding Scams

The number one reason I find that people fail online is because they have been ripped off by a scam one too many times. Sadly a large majority of product related to internet marketing will leave you feeling ripped off. There ARE some legit sites out there though.

I created this site to help you build a LEGIT business online. In doing so I am also going to be helping you avoid the “rip offs” of the web. There is nothing worse then putting in all the time, effort, and money just to come out feeling used.

What is a scam and how does it work?

Well a scam is a person or group that will trick others for their own profit. Here I made a list of some common instances of scams you should be aware of and avoid.

Top 10 tips to spot a scam

1. Get rich quick

A lot, and I mean a LOT of places online will insist that you can make money FAST. This has sadly fooled a large number of people and is the fastest way to identify a scam. Even I have looked into a few of them at one point and I can guarantee that money does NOT fall into your lap overnight. While you can make some easy money doing surveys and similar, being successful and making real money online takes time and hard work, just as it doing offline.

2. Make Money easy

Similar to example #1, they may claim that you can set up real quick and then wait as the money comes to you. Like example #1, that just doesn’t work. It’s most likely a scam.

3. A Video only sales page

If you go to a website and all that is on there is a video, it is a scam. They will talk to you about a “product” of some sort or something amazing that you have to wait until the end to see. That is usually followed by someone life story or sales pitch. I would save your time and leave at first sight. RUN!

4. No Website contact Info

If a company can’t supply you with an easy way to contact them then you shouldn’t buy from them. One way to test for a scam is to attempt to reach their customer support. If you can’t get a response out of them, take that as a sign of things to come and you should absolutely stop and leave.

5. No Product Support

Legit products and a company that really cares about its customers will normally reply back to any emails and questions from customers. If you email a company and you don’t hear back from them within a couple days I would steer clear of them because if anything were to happen you can bet you’ll get a similar response.

6. “Scammy Photos”

If the product sales page has a picture or background that includes things like mansions, fancy cars, or anything else that looks like they are showboating, avoid them. Any place that adds all that showboating is obviously compensating for a bad product.

7. Up sells and more up sells

They tend to sell you something small “At a great price!” and then right after you but it you are offered something else even better for that product, or worse, required for the first product to work  for more money and so on and so on and…. Quit while you are ahead.

8. Gurus Promoting It

If the Guru is promoting it and it’s someone elses product, then they are probably getting paid to promote it and it’s most likely a scam. I would not trust what they have to say. More often than not it will be a low quality product.

9. Pay to Hire

Never pay to work for someone. First off, doesn’t that seem backwards? Regardless of the situation or reason why they say you have to pay, do not!

10. A money back guarantee

If a sales page needs to constantly emphasizes that they have a guarantee that you will LOVE their product or get a refund then chances are good that its a scam. In particular a 60 day garantee is bad. This usually means it’s a clickbank item which means it’s probably going to be of low quality.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions or if you just want to talk about my above scam list please feel free to leave them below, i’d love to answer them. 🙂