About Me

Hello everyone! I am Phillip, or you can call me Phil for short.IMG_33790000207347

Ill be your guide through the vast endless world we all call the internet.

If you’re like me, you’ve been at a new job every year, working your butt off and living pay check to pay check. If you’re anything like me you are hoping to find something better, and to find something you actually enjoy and something that pays the bills (and quite possibly more.)

Now a little story on me…

The Beginning

So lets just start with the end of high school. I graduated and my goals were that I would get a job and have some money saved up and to also have car before starting college. I figured that would help a lot to do first, especially since neither I nor my parents had a vehicle.

Fast Forward One Year

I ended up taking a year off of everything and looking back, I do wish I had more drive to help myself but one day I finally woke up and I accomplished some of my goals! I finally got a job working retail and then a year later I got a great deal on a car from a coworker. However, I still had no money and I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with my life, so I pushed off college.

Searching for higher pay

About a year and a half after my first job I got my second, I got on at a beer warehouse to do over night order picking. I was ecstatic to get it! The pay was well above what I was previously making. I wasn’t happy for too long though, I absolutely hated that job.


While the money was great, it wasn’t enough to keep me happy. My supervisor treated me like a dog and I dreaded going there. I also had no social life anymore. I was lost and hit a deep depression, turning to alcohol until I quit that place 7-8 months later

New Hope

After that rough patch in my life I dropped the alcoholic crutch and tried to better myself and hopefully find my path. I bounced between a couple jobs and in that time I found the love of my life that I now live with and I have a steady 8-5 job at a home improvement store. There was just piece I was still missing, a direction.

The Search for a better living

I don’t even remember exactly where I found Wealthy Affiliate but I was in the middle of searching for a way to make money online (as I have many times before to find nothing but scams or junk) and then came across their website. I was expecting another online scam but it was free to join and it didn’t require any card info. I didn’t have anything better to look at so I tried it. What I found was more than I ever expected.

The New Goal

What I found there was what I have been looking for all this time, a passion. I’m excited about it. It’s exciting, fun, thought provoking, profitable, and so much more to be part of their program as an affiliate. I have everything I need there. I have a direction now and goals to achieve. My goal here is to help people like you found what I found and to find their own financial freedom with me.

That’s my story so far. I currently work at a job with the typical 8-5 routine. However with determination I am working my way towards success, and I want to show you the way so you can get there too. So that you can save time and effort weeding through the dos and don’ts of online wealth.

A little help never hurts, and I have an amazing community helping me out as well. They have already helped 10,000s of people succeed online. It’s not a get rich quick plan, (which those never have and never will work anyway) but a place to build the foundation of your success.

This place i’m talking about is Wealthy affiliate. If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate you can do so from here. This is where I network with others who help each other succeed.

It is very nice to me you and if you ever need anything feel free to contact me but leaving me a comment below or you can always reach me via Wealthy Affiliate. (here is a link to my profile)