10 Ways to Stay Productive

You’re striving to live the dream, to be able to work and home and be your own boss, work your own hours, do it how you want, and get a very handsome check from your work as well. Your on the path to online success but wait… you sometimes don’t do as much work as you should.

You end up putting off a project a couple more days or a weeks. Or maybe you just spend too much time looking at cute cat post on Facebook, or reading article you found online about something totally unrelated to what you should be doing. Don’t feel too bad, you wouldn’t be the first.

A lot have people have found it hard to concentrate and get everything they wanted to get done done. Everyone has had this issue at some point in their lives, including myself so I have made a 10 point list on things I have personally found to be very helpful in keeping the motivation to work going and getting that work knocked out.

1. Take Regular Breaks

This isn’t like at the cubicle office away from home where you’re constantly reminded to eat by your coworker’s taking lunch or by your supervisor telling you to go. You have to remember to take breaks on your own and you definitely should remember to take them. Regular breaks increase productivity by giving your brain a chance to cool down and you’ll be able to come back ready roll.

2. Exercise A Little

This point is similar to the first in that it will help keep those thoughts flowing and give you a good recharge. Along with your regular breaks you may find it very helpful to also fit in some short workouts in. Keep some exercise bands nearby, do some stretches, take a quick jog, get some fresh air. All this can go a long way in keeping your mind fresh and its good for keeping your body healthy and ache free too.

3. Designate A spot For Four Office (and Get A Desk)

I know the “dream” about working from home is that you get to sit around in your pj’s all day form the comfort of your couch, and by all means you can, but its not necessarily going to to be the most productive spot in the house when the TV remote is in arms reach.

Pick a spot in your house that you feel most inspired to work and where you’re able to do your best work. You’ll be way less tempted to watch Netflix and feel more like working when you have your work space in a designated area of the house and a desk to keep everything. If you have a spare room that’d be perfect to make into your office, if not that’s fine too, just pick a spot in a larger room if you have to and section that off as your work space.

4. Invest in A Nice Chair

You don’t want to be so comfy that you’re going to be falling asleep but you DO want to be comfortable, you’re going to be spending a whole lot of your time sitting there. You don’t have to break the bank but investing in a decent computer chair can make a big difference in your productivity, after all, you cant very well give all your attention to working when your chair is killing your back and butt.

5. Keep Inspirational Quotes and Pictures in Your Work Space

Positive and inspirational words and pictures can really have large impact on your productivity and get you excited about work. One simple quote like “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows” can inspire you to work that much harder to reach your goals and even be more excited about doing the work too.

Simple little positives can be a big spirit booster and make a world of difference. Surround yourself in positivity and you’ll also be much more positive thinking and raring to take on the world!

6. Put Personal Flavor into Your Work Space

The key here is to decorate like its a home and not like its a cubicle office. Little things like nik naks or a potted plant can liven up your space and give it some personality. Get as creative as you like, it’s your space and you’re going to be there for hours so make it comfortable and inviting. You can put nik naks you’re gotten from family members and even a picture of your family to remind you of what it is you’re working so hard for in the fist place.

7. Keep Your Work Space Clutter Free

Working in a claustrophobic clutter can be very demoralizing and hurt your productivity pretty harshly, especially if you’re not organized and keep losing track of your work. After all, who wants to work in a mess? Invest in some dividers if you need to and throw away your trash. Clean relentlessly and often to keep your office and productivity in tip top shape.

8. Invest in Decent WiFi and Internet Speed

Another issue that can put a big damper on things is slow internet. Not much else is as effective at hindering productivity and making you want to quit and pull your hair out like constant buffering and a really slowwwww loading bar filling up every time you want to do something.

Please save yourself some pain and suffering and get yourself decent speed internet and WiFi too if you’re going to use your laptop or phone. I’m not saying you have to break the bank and get the fastest option but just something that will at least be able to load new pages a little less painfully.

9. Dress Like You’re Going to Work

Going back to the common dream of working in your pj’s sitting in your comfy couch with your coffee in one hand. For some people that is totally doable but just like replacing that sofa with a chair and desk can help you be more productive, so can dressing up. It can help get you into the mindset that “now is work time.” .

Setting a regular routine like getting up, taking a shower and even getting dress like you normally would for a job can help get you in a productive mindset and help you take on the day more productivity.

10. Work with A Purpose. Make A list! Set Goals!

One of the most effective ways to give yourself a little motivation to be more productive is simply to work with a purpose. It’s important to your overall success in life to have something to strive for. So ask yourself, what am I working for? What am I trying to achieve? What are my goals in life? Take a moment and ask yourself these questions and set some goals that you want to achieve financially and non financially, both short term and long term.

Without any set goals or a cause to work towards you wont see much success online, or in anything really, you’d just float along to where ever. So set some goals and get excited at the opportunity to achieve them! Make sure they are obtainable, no need to get too crazy with it, keep it simple.

I also recommend you make a list. Not just for your overall goals but also for what you want to achieve on a daily basis. Check each one off until they’re all done. This can help keep you moving on to the next step and then the next until you accomplish those goals. From there just keep up the good work and stick with it!


I hope you found my post helpful and I would love to hear what you think. Do you have something else that you do to stay productive? Did one of these points help you out? I’d love to get in touch and hear what you have to say, just leave your comment below and I will get right back to you! 🙂

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